April 2017 Newsletter

Petit Jean Baptist News

“Come to the Mountain for His Word”

April 2017


April Showers

It is time for the spring showers that will bring our flowers. We may not especially like the rains that interrupt our plans, but we do like and even enjoy the benefits of the moisture we receive in the spring.

Because of the rain our flowers and crops grow. The rains fill our ponds, lakes and rivers. Because of the water in our various forms of streams we have fish and water in which to boat and swim.

In Matthew 5:45 we are reminded with these words about His care for us, “He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” His love and care is extended to every human being so we are able to share God’s love to all people.

I see people who embrace not only each season, but every change the weather brings to us. With each rain I am compelled to sing, “There shall be showers of blessing!”  The rain simply reminds us that God daily gives us blessings that many tend to forget, but if we are looking, we will see them all around us every day!     Rejoice!

Bro. Bill Scroggs


 Missionary Moment

Finding your Purpose in Life
[Russia] At one of BRAD HORNE’S* weekly English outreach gatherings, he asked a student named Anton* if he knew his purpose in life. When Anton said no, Brad told him the Bible could help him find his purpose. They made a plan to read the Gospel of Mark together. When they met, they spent almost five hours studying the Scriptures. “My life will never be the same,” Anton said. Two weeks later, he put his faith in Jesus Christ. Gifts through the Cooperative Program help Christian workers like Brad share God’s true purpose with people who have never heard.


We Lift Up In Prayer

Blake Chapman, Robbie Collinsworth, and John Savage Morgan are serving in the military.

Phyllis Adams, Fern Bess, Paul Bess, Sharon Leon, Ina Martin, Jim Thompson, Beau Steinmetz and Lloyd Vance are dealing with heart problems.

Ken Bratwell, Phil Chapman, Frances Cunningham, Keith Duncan, Agatha and Lonnie Gasaway, Dianne Hall, Evalee Hukill, Gabriel Johnson, Michael Johnson,  Lisa Martin, James Meadows, Jay Scroggs, Sharon Steinmetz, Lee & Julianna Davis and Donna Smith are battling health problems.

Linda Beard,  Glen Brison, Roy Castillion, Linda Chapman,  Sandra Dozier, Jerry Elmore, Cathy Flowers, Julis Frances, Ed Garrett, Garrett Hayden, Mary Hopson, Herb Huber,  Dale Moore,  Tina Parish, Sherry Parks, Denise Robinson, Dr. Herbert Roland, Hank Shaw, Gabby Smellmann, Dennis Stewart, Bill David Walker, Misty Walker, and Suzy Ward are battling cancer.

Hat Day at Petit Jean 1st Baptist

March 19, 2017



April Birthdays                             

7  Agatha Gasaway

8  Jeanie Scroggs

20  Annie Rozivka

30 Luis Leon