June 2018 Newsletter

Petit Jean Baptist News

“Come to the Mountain for His Word”

June, 2018


Give Thanks!

     More reasons to give thanks and praise God!  This past month we were blessed to have visitors on the mountain in the form of Arkansas Campers on Missions.  They called me and asked if we ‘might’ have a project they could do for us. Lo and behold, Ms E. K. Jones and Ms Ann Vance believed they might. It was determined they could help by spreading the gravel on the trail and pick up some sticks and maybe do some weeding.           After making a dent in the gravel, Nolen Owen showed up with his tractor to help finish the pile. Never had the 19 volunteers from all four corners of Arkansas been so happy to see some green paint, John Deere green that is.  A group of the ladies picked up sticks and pine needles and a few ticks around the trailer to make mowing easier. Thanks to Ann Vance, E. K. Jones, Nolen for his help and use of his tractor and Billy Vance and the use of his weed eater. Special thanks to our new friends in the Arkansas Campers on Missions group. The work this week, along with the work done previously by Gwyn and Greg Gasaway, E. Kaye and Cecil Jones, Clayton and Linda Jones and Billy and Ann Vance, has the property and walking trail taking shape.


Church News

 Our church parking lot is looking better and better.  It was resealed recently and will soon have stripes added to identify parking spaces.  Bump blocks are now in place to help with our parking. 

Due to a Spring hail storm the shingles had to be replaced on our building and several pieces of siding are being replaced, also due to hail damage.  With new plants now growing in the flower beds, everything is looking good.

We Lift Up In Prayer

We have many on our prayer list who are dealing with heart problems, battling cancer or just need a special prayer:  Phyllis Adams,  Pauline Belk, Fern Bess, Paul Bess, Mable Brannon,  Linda & Phil Chapman,  Lattie Debarr, True Fitch, Gwyn Gasaway, Lew Gasaway, Agatha Gasaway, Dina Gasper & Ellen Long, Larry Hubbard, Ben Lancaster, Sharon Leon,  Jay Scroggs, Bro. Bill & Reta Scroggs,  Billy Vance, Loyd Vance, Unspoken Requests, Our Missionaries, Our Military,  All Law Enforcement Officers, Our Local & National Leaders, The United States of America and her people.


Gracious Heavenly Father, we come to you thanking you for each day you give us and for the many blessings we enjoy.   We pray that you will wrap your loving arms around each one in need of your healing touch and grant them peace and health, according to your will.   In Jesus name I pray.  Amen



Youth News

School is now over for this year and our students get a vacation from the classroom.  Abigayle has made all A’s for the whole year and placed third in the entire 4th grade in reading. What an honor!  We are proud of you, Abigayle.  Jeffrey has made such remarkable progress in all of his school work and behavior that he received the “Star Award”.  That is great, Jeffrey.  We are proud of you, too!  Enjoy your summer.  We will be looking for more good reports next year. 


Jeff Adams, son of Wayne and Phyllis Adams is on a 6 week medical mission trip to Africa. He has been sending reports on his work and exciting activities.  These are posted in our fellowship hall.  Stop by and enjoy reading about Jeff’s adventures. 


Next week Wayne and Phyllis Adams’ grandson Sean Shrewsbury and his wife Christine will leave for Haiti where they will be a part of a construction and witnessing team.


The Adams’ granddaughter, Abby Shrewsbury  will travel in late June to Germany.  The focus of this team will be human trafficing.  All of these missionaries need our prayers for their own safety and a successful mission trip.



    Happy Birthday                   


June 8     Carroll Satterwhite

June 10   Anna Cody                              

June 18   Wanda Owen

June 20   Bro. Bill Scroggs                      

June 21    Linda Jones

June 29   Sharon Steinmetz                      

Happy Anniversary

 June 11  Nolen & Wanda Owen

 June 21  Bill & Coe Wilson

June 26  Doug & Jeanie Scroggs