October 2018 Newsletter

First Baptist Church of Petit Jean

“Come to the Mountain for His Word”

October, 2018


From the Pastor’s Desk

Bro. Bill Scroggs

A Simpler Time 

I remember playing in the neighborhood until dark and even after as caught lightning bugs and hid from car lights. We rode our bicycles miles from home and went hunting both with BB guns, bow and arrows and even shotguns as a teenager and didn’t think a thing about it.

Watching the current news events, we have become consistently more aware that we are living in a different time. We are made painfully aware that Andy Taylor is no longer on patrol and there is a new sheriff in town. Sheriff Taylor could get trapped in a sticky situation and solve in in less than thirty minutes even with a couple of commercials thrown in. Of course, that was Hollywood and times have changed.

I can remember I was about thirteen years old when I first heard about a murder being committed in our town and sometime after that hearing the word ‘rape’ whispered in hushed tones. Today you can’t listen to the news without seeing murders, rapes and other senseless acts of violence. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren hear and witness these things daily.

God help us to navigate back to the days of truth and regard for everyone regardless of sex, color or ethnicity. Let us follow this command of Jesus found in Mark 12:32, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”



We Lift Up In Prayer

We have many on our prayer list who are dealing with heart problems, battling cancer or just need a special prayer:  Phyllis Adams,  Pauline Belk, Fern Bess, Paul Bess,  Linda & Phil Chapman, Bob Cody, Glen Cromer,  Lattie Debarr,  Gwyn Gasaway, Lew Gasaway, Agatha Gasaway, Dick George, Dina Gasper & Ellen Long, Larry Hubbard, Cecil Jones, Ben Lancaster, Sharon Leon, Pat McCoy, Danielle Morgan, Barbara Scott, Jay Scroggs, Bro. Bill & Reta Scroggs, Matthew Steinmetz, Sharon Steinmetz, Marvin VanEchaute, Loyd Vance, Unspoken Requests, Our Missionaries, Our Military,  All Law Enforcement Officers, Our Local & National Leaders, The United States of America and her people.


Gracious Heavenly Father, we come to you thanking you for each day you give us and for the many blessings we enjoy.   We pray that you will wrap your loving arms around each one in need of your healing touch and grant them peace and health, according to your will.   In Jesus name I pray.  Amen   

Happy Birthday

October 11,     Georgia Abner

October  23,   Doug Scroggs


Happy Anniversary

October 12,  Bro. Bill & Reta Scroggs



We have met our goal for the Dixie Jackson Missions Offering.  Thank you for your generous giving to reach our current total of $1584.22.  This offering will allow us to be a part of  building  more churches right here in Arkansas.  May the Lord bless each of you.



 We are now participating in an effort to fill the shelves of the Conway County Care Center so that no one in our county goes hungry.   Our part is 25 boxes of oatmeal!  Please place your donation in our fellowship hall.  These items will be taken to help ”Fill the Truck” on October 20.



Christmas is coming and Phyllis is anxious to begin working on our special seasonal music.  We have a great group, but can certainly use a few more voices.  Join us and enjoy the blessings you will receive.



Our very own Abigayle Curtis was chosen to represent her class in the school Homecoming Court.  Requirements for this honor were being friendly to everyone, kind and helpful to her classmates.  Congratulations, Abigayle!  We understand just why you were chosen.