In Our Prayers



Phyllis Adams, Wayne Adams (surgery), Barry Carter, The Family of Phil Chapman, Dean Cody, Rettie Jean Cody, Bill & Barbara Curry, Amanda Falls, 

Agatha Gasaway, Gwyn Gasaway (surgery), Chester Head, Micah Jones & Palmer Ruth Jones, The Family of Jackie Moore, Rod Norton

Addison Payne, Mary Pruitt, Gloria Renfroe, Jeanie Scroggs (surgery), Bro.  Bill Scroggs, Reta Scroggs, Loren & Jennifer Silva, The Steinmetz Family

Lillian Tousley, Patti Vance, Marvin VanEchaute, Harley Mills West, Unspoken requests, Medical workers and Educators, Our Missionaries, 

Children around the world, Our Military & Law Enforcement, The United States of America, Our State and National leaders


Our Prayer

Dear Lord, it seems like our prayer concerns continue to grow and grow.  We know You are a big and all-powerful God, and that You can meet each of these needs.  Thank you, Lord, for Your mercy, grace, and loving-kindness.  Please be with each of these, our friends and family, as they struggle with their different illnesses and problems.  We ask an extra measure of blessing for each of them.  In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.